Welcome to Carnivorous Plants Online.  This web site, dedicated to carnivorous plants, is designed to be an informational source to both students and first time growers as well as experienced carnivorous plant enthusiasts.  In addition to easy to understand growing guides, this web site contains a number of resources for learning about and growing these amazing plants.  Browse and Enjoy.



An Overview Of What Carnivorous Plants Online Has To Offer

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The famous Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

Growing Guides
These growing guides are written by myself.  Currently there are six guides.  The basic growing guide introduces carnivorous plants, the reasons why they are carnivorous, and basic cultivation information.  The specific growing guide offers more detailed information and growing instructions for a variety of different families of carnivorous plants.  The propagation guide introduces the basics of carnivorous plant propagation and then applies these basics to individual families of  carnivorous plants.  The scientific names guide is an explanation for beginners of the latin naming of carnivorous plants and contains a list of latin names for each genus and links these names to the common names.  The terrarium guide explains the process of creating a carnivorous plant terrarium.  The artificial bog guide explains the process of creating a peat bog for carnivorous plants.

This section includes a list of excellent web pages which I feel anyone interested in carnivorous plants should visit as well as links to carnivorous plant societies and a listing of carnivorous plant books which I recommend.

Places To Buy
This is a listing of online nurseries dealing in carnivorous plants. I have personally purchased plants from many of these web sites and will give my unbiased reviews where appropriate.

This section offers a listing of several very active online forums specializing in carnivorous plants. These forums can be a fantastic resource for anyone who grows these wonderful plants. The carnivorous plant community as a whole is very open and friendly. Its members are generally happy to share their knowledge and becoming involved in one or more of these forums can be very rewarding.

My Carnivorous Plants
This section offers a history of myself and this web site, as well as a listing of the plants I'm personally growing and a blog of my growing experiences.

Sales / News
This page is where I will post any new information about this web site and also where I will advertise any carnivorous plants that I have for sale.

Contact Me
If you have any questions about carnivorous plants, about this web site, or need to e-mail me for any reason, just click the links at the top or bottom of every page. I am always happy to answer questions.

A note for students: If you would like to use information from my guides or my photographs (photos not credited to other sources) for your schoolwork, projects, or other non-profit presentations, you have my permission to do so as long as you give appropriate credit in your works cited or photo captions. Thank you.





The West Australian Pitcher Plant (Cephalotus follicularis)

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